Tension control - wireless and with digital speed

PUBLISHED: 21 Sep 10

FMS has expanded its product line of wireless tension control solutions with the new RTM X2 System, developed to provide for the efficient and accurate measurement, processing, transmission, and evaluation of material tension on rotating wire-processing machinery. The expandable features of the RTM X2 System make it suitable for applications in bunchers and twisters.

Since the introduction of the original PC-based RTM system years ago, FMS has successfully provided many wireless tension control solutions for a wide range of wire and cable applications, and continues as a technology leader with the release of the RTM X2 system.

The RTM X2 system can be utilised in either a standalone configuration or integrated with an existing PLC, and thus is suitable for use by OEMs on new machinery or by integrators and end users when upgrading existing machinery.

With the RMGZ series of force measurement rollers and the 309 series of digital electronics, FMS continues the tradition of developing innovative system solutions for tension monitoring in rotating applications. When used together the system provides improved product quality, increased production rates, increased operator convenience, and allows for high data connectivity.

The RMGZ force sensors for wire processing applications are available in four configurations:

RMGZ100: To measure tension in thin ropes, cables, wires, and fibres. RMGZ100 is ideal where space is limited, and is available in six nominal force ratings ranging from 6N to 300N.

RMGZ300: This dedicated measuring roller family was developed specifically for use in higher RPM rotating applications where the special design effectively compensates for centrifugal and Coriolis forces. It is available with nominal force ratings of 50N to 1,000N.

RMGZ400 and RMGZ600: The RMGZ400 and RMGZ600 series sensors utilise an enhanced bending beam principal. These products are available with a nominal force rating ranging from 60N to 4,000N for medium tension requirements.

RMGZ800: This series of force measurement rollers is used to measure the tension in heavy ropes, cables, and steel wires and is available in eight nominal force ratings from 100N to 8,000N for higher tension applications.

All variants of the RMGZ force measuring rollers offer an overload protection rating of ten times the nominal force rating and a 20:1 force measuring range. The sensors are constructed of stainless steel, incorporate a full Wheatstone bridge strain gauge, and include an aluminium cover for corrosion resistance.

The 309 series of digital electronics are an ideal complement to the full FMS product line of force measuring sensors. All units are available in wall, DIN rail, and panel mount versions, and include standard features such as Ethernet interface, automatic offset compensation and calibration, and a fast 1ms cycle time. Products include the EMGZ309 single channel amplifier for total tension monitoring and the CMGZ309 PID wire tension controller.

These innovative FMS products are competitively priced, and provide the machine designer with the option to access equipment from a central location using modern Ethernet connectivity.

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Tension control - wireless and with digital speed
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