At the forefront of cable & wire production with FMS’ new RTM X2

PUBLISHED: 09 Nov 10

FMS’ new RTM X2 System
FMS’ new RTM X2 System

Wire and cable makers now have an affordable way to control tension in individual wires on rotating Wire Processing Machinery. Since the introduction of the original PC-Based RTM 01/02 System years ago, FMS has successfully provided many Wireless Tension Monitoring Solutions, and now it continues as a technology leader with the release of the new RTM X2 System. This innovative system has been developed to provide for accurate measurement, processing and evaluation of material tension on Bunchers and Twisters.

The RTM X2 system can pay for itself in a very short time by reducing material breaks and eliminating overstressing and excessive slack in wires and cables. Therefore overall finished product throughput is increased.

The RTM System also improves the overall product quality and can open a wire and cable manufacturer up to new markets.

Tension Control - Wireless and with Digital Speed

A distinctive feature of RTM X2 is its wireless operation. It sends tension data by radio transmission thus avoiding the many drawbacks of mechanisms such as slip rings (cost, wear, signal noise, installation issues, etc.) and telemetry systems with its critical unidirectional analog data transmission and multi-positional prohibitive cost.

The RTM X2 System equipment packages is comprised of up to two tension sensors, a transmitter and a receiver unit.

The Receiver/Control unit EMGZ482R displays the tension data numerically on a LCD in [N], [lbs] or another chosen unit. Two analogue outputs can interface a PLC or equivalent devices for controlling purposes. Force limits or wire breaks are detected and can trigger alarms or emergency stops via two relay outputs.

EMGZ482R Receiver

  • User friendly operation panel with 2-line LCD
  • LED Bar graph indicates real time force for each channel
  • Connectivity with PLC (0…10V and 0/4…20mA)
  • Parameter setting via front panel and web browser

EMGZ482T Transmitter

  • 2-channel amplifier for 2 force sensors
  • Wireless transmission in the 2.4GHz band
  • Highly stable force sensor power supply
  • Lowest power consumption with a battery autonomy of up to 150h

RMGZ Force Measuring Rollers

  • Four dedicated series of measuring rollers covering a tension range of 6 to 8000N
  • Largely insensitive against centrifugal and coriolis forces
  • Extremely durable and corrosion resistant

All of the components are specially designed for high revolution applications. They are largely insensitive against centrifugal and coriolis forces. The RTM System is reliable, accurate, economical, easy to operate, and virtually maintenance-free. It can be utilized in either a stand alone configuration or integrated with an existing PLC, and thus is suitable for use by OEMs on New Machinery or by Integrators / End Users when upgrading Existing Machinery.

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At the forefront of cable & wire production with FMS’ new RTM X2
Tension control - wireless and with digital speed
At the Forefront of Cable & Wire Production with FMS Sensors
Tension Control - Wireless and with Digital Speed
Breakthrough in tension control technology
Breakthrough in tension control technology from FMS Force Measuring Systems AG