Spring wire improved ductility

PUBLISHED: 23 Mar 11

GP/PDH wire lubrication system
GP/PDH wire lubrication system

The GP/PDH lubrication system from Decalub is used in demanding drawing applications, allowing high drawing speeds, with all carbon steel rods/wires, mechanically descaled or acid cleaned, bare or pre-coated, including spring wire and high-tensile rope wire.

The system has the unique ability to convert a solid lubricant into a liquefied solution and maintain its thermal stability at all drawing speeds (18m/sec for spring wire with improved wire ductility), eliminating the need for wet pre-coatings for all drawing applications from rod, including mechanically descaled 0.90 %C bare rod drawn directly without pre-coating chemicals.

The GP/PDH system performs a high-performance wire rod dry coating with completely fused lubricant deposited instantaneously, in five microseconds, operating at zero energy consumption, performing a high-density strongly adherent hard anti-friction (anti-wear) multi-layer coat with adjustable coating weight at will, completely eliminating the need for phosphate and borax wet pre-coating chemicals. The GP/ PDH lubrication system prevents metal-to-metal contact at the wire-die interface, enabling frictionless drawing, and providing superior surface quality and improved wire ductility.

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