RX5 completes Rosendahl’s crosshead series RX, fit for single crosshead sales

PUBLISHED: 17 May 11

Rosendahl Crossheads RX5 – RX25 (oil-temperature-controlled) – RX45. Fit for single crosshead sale within complete RX-range from RX2 to RX110
Rosendahl Crossheads RX5 – RX25 (oil-temperature-controlled) – RX45. Fit for single crosshead sale within complete RX-range from RX2 to RX110

Within the RX Crosshead Series – available in sizes from RX2 to RX110 - the latest product launch of RX5 made by Rosendahl meets the very wide-ranged demands in the field of cable applications between 0,1 and 5 mm conductor diameter.

Perfectly balanced polymer distribution, temperature- and pressure-profiles guarantee a smooth and stable melt-flow across the outlet zone. RX-Type Crossheads generally provide high-precision centricity, therefore prevent from over-sizing cable wall-thickness and help to save material and production costs. Enhanced flow-channel geometry ensures short residence time of polymer melt and enables a quick and easy change of colour or material. Easy-handling is guaranteed by a compact and modular design, by high precision ball-centring over an adjustable and self-sealing tip-holder - or by the well-proven fine-tuning-centring which is not only requested especially in extrusion-lines for fibre-optic cables.

Advanced RX5-Crosshead design keeps away process-deviations and increases quality and efficiency in extrusion-lines for micro-coaxial-, LAN- and standard power cables for automotive and non-automotive applications as well.

Since already more than 50 years Rosendahl is active as a traditional supplier of extrusion-lines for the global cable industry. Over that great history Rosendahl has become skilled as a much-needed specialist in terms of adaption and optimisation of crossheads on cable extrusion lines being already in production. By time a very specific know how and resources have been built up at Rosendahl for customising crosshead design and crosshead optimisation. This can be understood as a fundamental benefit Rosendahl offers to customers compared with 'crossheads only manufactures'.

Over the last years Rosendahl could fulfil a significantly growing demand of crossheads made in their own production and they steadily have increased the percentage of Rosendahl-made crossheads to meanwhile nearly 90% of the total number of crossheads included in order backlog of Rosendahl cable extrusion lines. The decision to serve now additionally the close-related market of single crosshead demands (not included in OEM equipment of complete extrusion lines) is a consequential and well prepared step towards an extended win-win situation between Rosendahl and its customers. Gaining additional volume will enable further optimisation of production costs and therefore will keep up a competitive and attractive position in both: RX Crossheads for complete extrusion-lines in OEM business & RX Crossheads for the single unit demand on the market. Please do not hesitate to ask for additional information.

RX Crosshead Flyers and access for RX-Crosshead requests are available at www.Rosendahlaustria.com

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