Condat to exhibit at WiCAB 2011

PUBLISHED: 29 Jul 11

Condat's range of coatings and lubricants
Condat's range of coatings and lubricants

At WiCAB 2011, CONDAT will present its latest developments in surface technologies for metal forming and more specifically for Wire and Tube Drawing & Rolling operations:

  • VICAFIL® : our range of surface coatings and lubricants for wire drawing
  • STEELSKIN® : High Tech lubricant specialities for advanced drawing applications
  • GALVASMOOTH® : Wiping charcoals for hot-dipped galvanized wires.

In the scope of its advanced solutions CONDAT offers to the wire drawing industry lubricants that meet the most recent environmental and health & safety legislations:

  • Reduction of dust in workshops,
  • Safest substances: REACH (Boron free), Biocides...

The show will be the opportunity for CONDAT to launch the new range of high performance Borax Free coatings and powder lubricants for low and high carbon steel (tyre cord, PC strands, spring wire, etc.): VICAFIL TS 7101 and VICAFIL SANTALE 4.

For the demanding market of low carbon wire fencing we are introducing our emulsion VICAFIL WC 6 C which is specifically designed for chain link and recommended by worldwide leaders in chain link weaver machinery. Versatile and used at low concentration, it will match all your wire forming applications.

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