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Sole agents for Brazil

Medek & Schoerner has appointed Brastec Technologies Ltda as sales representative for Brazil.

For decades now, Medek & Schörner has been a world market leader in cable marking machines and optical fiber coating lines. The only company operating in this market segment, Medek & Schoerner covers virtually the entire spectrum of machines for marking cables and coating optical fibers.

The manufacturing program includes state-of-the art cable marking machines such as gravure printers, length marking machines, ring markers, Laser printers and custom-made marking machines.

Equipment from Medek & Schörner for color coding and coating optical fibers is noted for its high output, flexible modular design and ease of operation.

The company's long experience in the marking and coating of optical fibers is reflected in an outstanding technological system that ensures gentle treatment of the sensitive optical fibers at all stages of processing. All components of the equipment are of modular design, and can easily be configured to form complete systems.

Brastec Technologies Ltda has been involved in equipment capable of completely supplying the production lines of Wires & Cables in automotive extrusion, energy and telecommunication cables, including fiber optics.

Brastec Technologies Ltda – Brazil
Phone: +55 11 45255910 - 6003
Fax +55 11 4525-5920
Email : marcello.giacaglia@brastecltda.com.br
Website: www.brastecltda.com.br

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