GEO-Reinigungstechnik at wire 2012

PUBLISHED: 13 Dec 11

Left: Primary Wire Wipe; right: Ultrasonic Wire Cleaning System
Left: Primary Wire Wipe; right: Ultrasonic Wire Cleaning System

GEO-Reinigungstechnik presents at this year's wire fair in Düsseldorf cleaning systems and components for the improvement of surface quality of long products like wires, cables, strips and tubes for the ninth time.

Priority is given in particular to wet chemical and mechanical cleaning procedures. Besides GEO's recognised highly efficient ultrasonic cleaning systems, yielding excellent surface quality even at high processing speeds, the flexible and reasonably priced wiping system "Primary Wire Wipe" will be of particular interest.

The patented Primary Wire Wipe is designed to remove visible dust and excessive lubricants from wire and strand or small strips. It is an economical, low-maintenance, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional wipers such as felt pads, pieces of rag etc.

In addition the PWW has been proven very successful in applying different types of lubricants and finishes. The compact design enables space-saving installation either in-line or in front of production equipment for bolts, rivets, U-shaped staples etc.

The programme is completed by powerful air wipes and a wide variety of spiral brushes with metal and synthetic filaments in standard sizes and custom-made versions.

The GEO range of equipment consists of a complete range of ultrasonic, high pressure, spray and mechanical cleaning systems for the in-line or off-line cleaning of wire, strip, cable, tube, rod, bar and ultrasonic baths for component cleaning.

See you at Stand A34, Hall 11

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GEO-Reinigungstechnik at wire 2012