PS' latest cable packaging line

PUBLISHED: 15 Dec 11

Top: PS 630-15 2 B overview; bottom: a wrapped spool
Top: PS 630-15 2 B overview; bottom: a wrapped spool

PS Company has recently pioneered its latest cable packaging line model, the new DOUBLE AUTOMATIC SPOOLING LINE, MOD. PS 630/15 2B, a result of the tangible reminder of PS’s commitment to material–technology based innovation and product development.

This machine, which peculiarity is the capability to execute the manufacturing process fully automatically, having the operator in practice the mere function of supervision, has been already sold and installed by some of our most demanding customers throughout the world, who are already taking advantage of its engineering excellence and high level of performances.

Our customer's feed back on this new product is already for us reason for being proud and the most rewarding answer to our dedication and values.

Another outstanding strength point of this machine, "ad-hoc" built with the distinctive features of reliability and solidity, is the possibility to work on three shifts, immediately giving to our customers the chance to maximize their investment.

This line has been conceived to work with the following technical features:

Spools diameter: from 400mm up to 630mm.
Flexible Cable diameter: from 6mm up to 15mm
Rigid Cable diameter: from 6mm up to 10mm
Flat Cable: width from 4mm up to 16 mm
Thickness from 4mm up to 7mm
Full spool max weight: 150 kgs
Spools wrap material : stretch film.

Linear speed ranging from 0 up to 400/500 mt per minute, depending on the cable type, length in meter to be wound and diameter of the reel barrel.

The line consists of:
No. 1 Driven Pay Off
No. 1 Accumulator
No. 1 Meter Counter + 1 Spark tester
No. 1 Double Automatic Spooling Head (400/630)
No. 1 Labelling Machine
No. 1 Automatic Pallet Unit
No. 1 Automatic Pallet Wrapper

This machine is available in different models, depending on spool dimensions our customer service will provide tailor made offers to meet all your needs.

PS Costruzioni Meccaniche Srl, Italy
Tel: + 39 039 689 8763

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