Sustainable, high performance lubricants

PUBLISHED: 16 Jan 12

Condat: Sustainable, high performance lubricants
Condat: Sustainable, high performance lubricants

CONDAT will present at the next WIRE Düsseldorf show the widest range of wire drawing products:

  • Non reactive surface treatments
  • Dry powder lubricants
  • Oils (neat and soluble)
  • Pastes and greases
  • Protection products

CONDAT, a partner you can trust

World leader in the wire drawing market, CONDAT is developing close partnerships with its customers. With a modern, well staffed laboratory (45 people) and technical expertise in all aspects of industrial lubrication (cold heading, tube, forge, metal working etc), CONDAT offers developments at the forefront of technology and innovation. Our extensive knowledge in all wire drawing applications enables CONDAT to respond to its customer needs with optimized recommendations. With 3 production sites and a worldwide sales presence, CONDAT is able to have products of identical quality to any location!

CONDAT, for responsible chemistry

CONDAT's principle philosophy is also to offer products whose chemistry is stable and environmentally responsible:

  • Usage of renewable and naturally occurring raw materials.
  • "Low Borax" and "Zero Borax" ranges: CONDAT is the 1st supplier of Borax free, high performance products.
  • Without Barium, without Phosphate

These new developments though driven by changing legislation and working philosophy are undertaken with product performance as the first priority. Thanks to CONDAT's technical expertise, the new generation of wire drawing soaps are even more efficient than their previous versions.

CONDAT, solutions at the forefront of technology

With a high level of expertise in the wire drawing field, CONDAT is the first to offer tailored products for emerging and highly technical applications:

  • Saw wire: for production of Silicon wafers used in photovoltaic panels involves extremely difficult drawing due to the high Carbon content and very small diameters (approx. 100 micron).
  • Spring wire: the production of spring wire requires an impeccable surface; this drives spring forming and quality.
  • For these 2 applications, CONDAT offers optimum solutions to be discovered at the WIRE Düsseldorf 2012 show.

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