Decalub at wire 2012

PUBLISHED: 07 Mar 12

Visitors to the Decalub stand will be able to see and obtain information on the following items:

Top 10 innovations from Decalub that are rapidly changing the current state of:

  • Rod descaling and drawing: 1.1m (43") long portable unit dry cleans, prepares and draws 5.5mm 0.83-0.88%C uncoated rod, enabling output of 2.2 tonne/hour of frictionless drawn wire at 18m/s (3,600ft/m) – by DCCD process
  • Wire drawing speed continues to rise: Where the heat has gone?
  • High-melting lubricants (melting range 195°C-240°C/374°F- 464°F for H/C applications) are thermally activated to form a high-density anti-wear anti-friction coat instantaneously deposited on mechanically descaled uncoated rod in a dry application with no speed limit – completely eliminating the need for wet pre-coating chemicals – by LVC/PDH process
  • Lubrication problems eliminated: Die-stand incorporates unique technology which thermally activates a solid lubricant to instantaneously form a single or dual layer of an anti-wear and anti-friction coat on mechanically descaled uncoated rod or wire, in a completely dry application, at zero energy consumption, generating lubricant exceptional thermal stability in all drafts at highest drawing speed – by PDH process
  • Replacement of conventional rod wet preparation, including chemical cleaning/rinsing/wet pre-coating and drying, by the new totally dry cleaning, coating and drawing (DCCD) process, generates immediate saving of 50-64 per cent in production cost of drawn wire. DCCD process operates at 'zero' maintenance cost as there is no acid, no hot liquid tanks for rod pre-coating, no hot air blowers to dry wet rod and the process operates at virtually zero energy consumption
  • Wire cleaning: BHW system incorporates new technology which enables normal plant water to be converted into the most unique ‘micro-abrading liquid’ agent used to clean drawn wire at high speed, at virtually zero energy consumption, providing very clean wire of white-metal appearance, prior to coating or heat treatment, including galvanising and annealing
  • Cold-heading wire: GP/PDH system creates cold-heading wire essentially regarded for its high-density anti-friction coat and anti-corrosive transparent protective film, enabling cold-heading applications from single blow up to 4-5 die blow progress (replacing phosphate and its wet substitutes)

Decalub, France
Tel: + 33 1 64 26 20 66

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