RTM X32 - a sophisticated range of wire tension measuring solutions

PUBLISHED: 26 Apr 12

RTM X32 - a sophisticated range of wire tension measuring solutions
RTM X32 - a sophisticated range of wire tension measuring solutions

The importance of tension control becomes significant in any wire, cable, or rope making process. Because production efficiency and quality significantly influences your commercial success, a comprehensive solution for your stranding machinery must be considered if available. FMS Force Measuring Systems expands its tension monitoring program to include three new multi-channel systems.

The Radio Based RTM X32 System: You have everything under control - the safe way.

Designed as a flexible multi-channel system, RTM X32 is primarily suitable for Cage or Tubular Stranding Machines with up to 42 pay-off stations.

The RTM X32 series utilizes force sensors to measure the tension of individual wires or strands, and transmits this data wirelessly from the rotating to the static part of the machine.

On the receiver side, the tension values can be output as a standard signal to an existing PLC for monitoring or controlling the relevant production parameters.

When connected to a PC the RTM X32 system also offers a number of evaluation options:

  • Graphical or numeric display of tension data
  • Storage or printing of production protocols
  • Trigger of alarms if tension limits are exceeded
  • Detection of cable / wire breakage
  • System configuration and parameter setting over a web interface

Whether you are seeking a solution to control tension or you prefer a pure monitoring solution, the RTM X32 offers a sophisticated range of interface options to integrate it quickly into the existing communication and control infrastructure of the machine. The system is fully accessible via your controller from a central location.

RTM X32 offers both the machine builder and the machine user a basis for efficient cost and quality management.

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