Double take up machine from PS

PUBLISHED: 08 May 12

The new double take up machine from PS
The new double take up machine from PS

PS Costruzioni Meccaniche has recently designed and manufactured a new machine named MOTORISED DOUBLE TAKE UP which is suitable for the following cables:

  • Insulated flexible cables and multi wire cables from 5 mm. up to 35 mm.
  • Insulated flexible cables and multi wire cables having a cross section from 4 mm up to 150mm2 .
  • Flat cables from 5.0mmx2,5mm up to 35mmx6.5mm with a cross section up to 150mm2.

This machine can wind up several cable lengths, according to the cable diameter as well as the spool dimensions (for a length up to 500 meters or more). Max linear speed is up to 250 m/min


  • Spool flange max. diameter : 1.000 mm
  • Spool flange min. diameter : 284 mm
  • Spool max. width : 535 mm
  • Spool min. width : 260 mm
  • Spool max. weight : 1.500 kilos


Pintles : Two pintles are closed hydraulically whereas the other pintles are all motorized ones.

Reel Loading /Unloading System: Being the pintles at a fixed height, the loading /unloading of the spool, takes place by means of a steel plate (motorised platform), driven by a screw nut connected with an A.C. Motor and with an inverter.

Wire Guide : A single automatic wire-guide is placed in the upper part of this unit. It is driven by a Brushless Motor in Digital electrical axis with the Take - up motor. Thanks to this system, the quality of the cable layer upon layer is excellent.

Hydraulic Cutter and Caterpillar : Both these units are placed on an holder wire-cable plate. As the pre-set length has been reached, the cable gets automatically cut and carried on, up to the wire-guide rolls. By doing so, the Operator finds the cable ready for being hooked to a new spool.

Console and Control cabinet : Containing all instruments to operate either manually or automatically; a PC Touch colour screen to read easily set parameters and a keyboard to key in. The command electrical system is made by

PLC S7 controls PS motorised take up, as all PS machines, is a reliable and sturdy one.

PS Costruzioni Meccaniche Srl, Italy
Tel: + 39 039 689 8763

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Double take up machine from PS
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