Finished power cables by merging power SZ with sheathing

PUBLISHED: 10 May 12

Finished power cables by merging power SZ with sheathing
Finished power cables by merging power SZ with sheathing

Getting from single insulated conductors to a finished power cable offers a lot of advantages for the manufacturer. This challenge had to be taken by Rosendahl. The further development of technologies and the improvement of processes led to the merger of the Power SZ stranding and the sheathing process in one line. The equipment serves the solution for low voltage cable up to 1 kV with a cross section up to 240 mm˛ of each single conductor. The perfect result of the finished power cable can be observed on the take-up reel.

Thanks to the SZ technology, where no heavy mass is in rotation, the working principle is the same as of conventional helical stranding systems. The pay-offs and take-ups stands in the line are stationary reelers which need no special foundation. The non-rotating reeler also helps to improve the line efficiency due to a very fast and simple reel loading and unloading cycle.

As the reel does not need to be transferred between the stranding and the sheathing process, time and space saving is guaranteed. There is also no limitation for the size of take-up which helps to get a long product length on bigger take-up reels. The advantage of non-rotating machinery allows a very safe working area for the operators and reduces the maintenance efforts. A perfect combination for optimized manufacturing conditions: Low investment and reduced operating costs guarantee an efficient production of Power Cables.

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