Prysmian Group chooses sailing to communicate the brand internationally

PUBLISHED: 26 Feb 13

Prysmian Group has chosen sailing as a medium for communicating its brand internationally
Prysmian Group has chosen sailing as a medium for communicating its brand internationally

Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cables and systems industry, has chosen sailing as a medium for communicating its brand internationally. In fact, the Group will be supporting Giancarlo Pedote, the solo sailor, in the 2013 edition of the Transat 6.50 race, a single-handed Atlantic crossing for the smallest class of racing yachts (Mini 6.50).

The Transat 6.50 2013, presented in Paris, is the most extreme of ocean races and runs every two years over a total distance of approximately 4,000 miles, which must be faced solo and with no shore contact, a unique adventure of its kind, full of attraction and many perils.

Prysmian ITA 747, the name of Pedote's yacht, is a prototype Mini, known for its innovative design and revolutionary shape, which have earned it the Prix de la haute technologie (High-tech prize) awarded by the Féd´ration des Industries Nautiques (the French Nautical Industries Federation).

This partnership combines the values of sailing with the business mission of the Prysmian Group: in fact, sailing is synonymous with the spirit of entrepreneurship and discovery, along with great passion for nature. Likewise, the Group pursues excellence in terms of performance, quality, competitiveness and innovation, while constantly seeking to respect the environment and use resources responsibly. Values that are essential in adventures at sea, such as teamwork, strategy, commitment and adaptability, complete the Prysmian Group's brand vision.

In the 2012 sailing calendar Prysmian ITA 747 already collected a number of important successes in all the races in which it competed: a first place in the Trinity-Plymouth, a 280-mile race across the English Channel, a third place in the Mini Fastnet and the Demi-Cle, and a fourth place in Les Sables-Azores-Les Sables.

The next big objective is the Transat 6.50 in 2013, the Atlantic crossing that starts from Douarnenez, on the French Atlantic coast, and ends in Pointe-à-Pitre, in Guadeloupe, with only one stop in the Canary Islands. After his experience in the 2009 race, in which he achieved a fourth place in the Production class, Giancarlo Pedote will compete again in this race in 2013 but in the Prototype class.

"My preparation is based on two principles - explains Giancarlo Pedote, skipper of Prysmian ITA 747 - dedication and determination. My goal is to study race strategy, to make constant new improvements to the boat and to sail to the best of my ability by focusing on these principles, so as to arrive at the competition in the best possible conditions."

Prysmian Group's participation and backing for Giancarlo Pedote's latest challenge are proof of a successful partnership that the Group is excited and proud to support.

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