Rosendahl's new FOC multipass cooling trough for loose tube lines

PUBLISHED: 27 Feb 13

Rosendahl's new FOC multipass cooling trough
for loose tube lines
Rosendahl's new FOC multipass cooling trough for loose tube lines

The current trends in fiber optic cable manufacturing are all connected with the general optimization of each step of the production process. In order to improve the performance of the cable, to reduce the costs of the final product, many technologies and devices have been invented to reduce optical loss, increase production speed and allow more flexibility in the manufacturing process.

Especially in the buffer tube process new technological developments in equipment where made:

  • Improved high speed fiber payoff design with reduced footprint for space saving.
  • Special feeding section of the ROEX extruder was designed to optimize the process ability of the typical material used for loose tube production.
  • New development of the crosshead series RX for optimized material flow in the melt distributer in conjunction with a linear jelly needle guiding system for easier handling.
  • Multipass cooling through with integrated midspan- and exit capstan.
  • New generation of pulley clenching capstan SCC100 for accurate post shrinkage and EFL control especially for dry tubes.

In the following we want to focus on the recently introduced new cooling trough which basically consists of following sections:

Telescoptic section
The distance from the crosshead to the cooling trough is adjustable furthermore the water in the first section is heated to allow an optimized temperature profile for different materials.

Straigth section
The water temperature in the second section can be adjusted independently from the first section. The shrinkage control capstan SCC100 is mounted on a rail system in this section of the cooling trough. Therefore the position of the SCC100 is easily adaptable for different product sizes or materials.

Multipass section
When the Loose tube is entering the multipass cooing trough the product is wound around the driven single wheel capstan (Mid Span Capstan) several times. After that the product is repeatedly wrapped around the free-running deflection pulleys in the spray cooled multipass section. At the exit of the multipass cooling trough the loose tube is wound around an integrated, tension controlled single wheel capstan (Exit Capstan).

This new design concept allows a reduction of the total line length of approximately 7.5 m with the advantage of no limitation in cooling capacity at higher production speeds.

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