Prysmian Group to showcase for the first time at KIOGE - Kazakhstan

PUBLISHED: 01 Oct 13

Seaflame™, new ultra fire resistant cables for shipboard and marine offshore applications on display
Seaflame™, new ultra fire resistant cables for shipboard and marine offshore applications on display

Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, will showcase at Kazakhstan International Oil & Gas Exhibition 2013 in Almaty (Kazakhstan) from October 1st to 4th (booth 10-268). The Group will present its comprehensive product portfolio specifically designed for the Oil and Gas industry.

KIOGE 2013 is the first-ever presence at a show in the Region for the Group. Kazakhstan and the entire Caspian Region represent a strategic development area for Prysmian Group, with cables for total values in excess of 80 million euro supplied over the years since 2004 to major EPCs for one of the most important, strategic and technologically advanced projects in the industry, such as the Kashagan Oil Field. In the Region, over the years, the Group has also provided cables for a total value of approximately 35 million euro for other significant projects such as Karachaganak, Tengiz and Azeri & Shah Deniz.

Also, the Exhibition comes at very important time for the Group for several reasons, both in terms of technical innovation and of business development. On the technical side Prysmian has recently launched its latest product innovation for Shipboard and Offshore Marine applications: Seaflame™, a complete product range of power, control and instrumentation cables with enhanced fire resistance characteristics. Designed to meet and exceed all most rigorous fire resistance standards and to withstand all events associated to fire (sprinklers, extinguishing hoses, etc.), Seaflame™ can be installed without metallic duct or protections, thus leading to reduced installation space, materials, time and costs, lower installed weight and accordingly reduced total cost of ownership.

To complement the available range on display for offshore and on-shore applications, exclusive specialties such as Drylam™ and Airguard™ Cable Systems; innovative solutions such as Bostrig™; enhanced service loops for top drives; tailor made cable assemblies and accessories; DHT technologies and a comprehensive range of SURF products: recently the Group has finalized the qualification process for 6" flexible pipes, thus taking a significant step forward in the design and supply of a wide range of dynamic risers and static flow lines for offshore oil and gas extraction.

As far as business development is concerned, recently the Group has been selected by Shell as single source global cable partner to serve all Shell owned sites and JVs with a +20% Shell ownership in 5 geographical regions (Americas, Europe, MENA, Asia Pacific and China). Prysmian Group is the leading player in the cable industry with 16 plants dedicated specifically to cables for the OGP sector. Besides facilities in Australia, Europe, Malaysia and South America, the Group can now rely on two plants in North America, thus broadening the available range of products to special Down Hole Tubing (DHT) systems (manufactured in Massachusetts and New Jersey) and creating interesting cross-selling opportunities to accelerate the business' expansion in new strategic areas such as ASEAN, Northern Europe and Western Africa in order to support the leading key players in the global OGP industry such as ENI, SAIPEM, BP, Foster Wheeler, Shell, Petrobras, Petrofac, etc.

The Group boasts a long-standing tradition of involvement in some of the major projects in the industry, such as the Seadrill, Petrorig and Hull offshore drilling rigs for Jurong Shipyards and Keppel Fels in Singapore and the Shell Nanhai petrochemical complex in China. The next steps in the Groupís strategies are the further strengthening of its position in the OGP sector, in particular by targeting the offshore oil extraction areas in South East Asia, the Gulf of Mexico and Western Africa.

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