Wire & cable machinery from KC Machine

PUBLISHED: 28 Nov 13

Physical foaming line from KC Machine
Physical foaming line from KC Machine

Shanghai KECHEN Wire & Cable Machinery Co., Ltd., was spun off as a separate entity in 1999 from the R&D dept. of special-purpose machinery of CETC23 (No.23 Research Institute of China Electronics and Technology Group Corporation. KC Machine focused for 50 years on design, manufacture and sales of telecom cable equipments.

As the China local leader in wire & cable machinery industry, KC Machine offers a comprehensive range of products including,

Extrusion Lines

  • RF/CATV Coaxial Cable Skin-foam-skin Physical Foaming Extrusion Line
  • LAN/QSFR/HDMI/Mini Coaxial Cable PE Solid-Stripe Insulation Tandem Extrusion Line
  • LAN Cable FEP/PFA Solid Insulation Tandem Extrusion Line
  • Sheathing Extrusion Line for RF/Leaky Coaxial/LAN/Mini Coaxial/Railway Signal Cable
  • FEP/X-ETFE High Temperature Extrusion Line
  • Building Wire Insulation Extrusion Line
  • Control Cable/Electric Wire High Speed Cable Core Insulation Extrusion Line

Cabling Lines

  • Triple/Double/Single Twist Cablers
  • Back Twist Payoffs

Welding/Corrugating Lines

  • For 25, 50, 90, 150 and 200mm diameter products

Auxiliary Equipments

  • Payoffs/Takeups
  • Dancers/Accumulators
  • Water Troughs
  • Capstans

At 2014 Dusseldorf, we are honored to particularly introduce to all cable makers worldwide our new and upgraded PBJ series high speed skin-foam-skin physical foaming insulation extrusion tandem line, dryer/micro loose tube secondary coating line and FTTX Premise Optical Cable Extrusion Line.

PBJ series high speed skin-foam-skin physical foaming insulation line can cover widest product range of LAN cable cat.5, 5e, 6 and 7, mini coaxial cable, USB 3.0, HDMI, INFINI BAND cable, QSFR, etc with the skin-foam-skin triple-layer cores.

Dry/micro loose tube secondary coating line is used for production of normal or dry/micro loose tube and the extrusion material is PBT or modified PP.

The standard configuration of all these lines includes international brand including SIEMENS/Allen Bradley control system, SIKORA online testers, MICRODIA crosshead, Zambello/SEW gear box, SKF/NSK bearing, etc. to ensure high quality production.

We take advantage of talented HR and information exchange of Shanghai, maintain the tradition of innovation while focus on cable process requirement in procedure of design, manufacturing, quality control, etc. so as to constantly meet the demands brought about by the swift development of communication industry.

Shanghai Kechen Wire & Cable Machinery Co., Ltd, China (PR)
Tel: + 86 2131 562564
Email: yangchi1120@vip.163.com
Web: www.kechencable.com

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