New pay-off cantilever & dancer unit

PUBLISHED: 02 Dec 13

New pay-off cantilever & dancer unit
New pay-off cantilever & dancer unit

We have the pleasure to announce the designing and manufacturing of a new model of Pay Off Cantilever + Dancer unit.

This new Pay Off is very sturdy and can be used for both insulated and non-insulated cables (copper cables).

This Dancer is very sensitive and can process also cables having very small sections, namely, 0,15 mm2. In addition, it guarantees a steady control on tension, during all the unwinding process (acceleration, max speed and deceleration).

The loading/unloading of the Reel pintles, is fast and automatic. The Operator has only to place the reel, between the two pintles and select the reel diameter.

The reel loading/unloading, take places by means of a steel platform, activated by a Pneumatic cylinder. This platform has got two movements:
- a vertical one: for loading/unloading the spool, by means of a Pneumatic cylinder
- a horizontal one (sideways): for easily taking out the Reel from the pintles. The horizontal movements take place on bearings.

Reels technical details:

  • Max reel weight: 600 kg
  • Max reel width: 470 mm
  • Min reel width: 235 mm
  • Max reel dia.: 630 mm
  • Min. reel dia.: 400 mm
  • Max speed: 600 meters/minute

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Tel: + 39 039 689 8763

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