Specialists in wire cleaning

PUBLISHED: 02 Dec 13

GEO's new multi-strand ultrasonic wire cleaner
GEO's new multi-strand ultrasonic wire cleaner

GEO specializes in the production of ultra-sonic cleaning lines, high pressure cleaning and rinsing jets, steam cleaning, air wipes and mechanical (brush) cleaning systems for wire strip, tube, cable, rod and similar longitudinal configurations.

Today's high quality demands on the cleaning processes normally can be realized with proven GEO components, complemented by state-of-the-art systems for continuous bath monitoring, take-up and pay-off units and much more according to individual requirements. Whether in high-speed applications, the manufacture of medical products, the contact-free cleaning of precious metal and aluminium alloy strips for the production of precision stamped parts as well as the fully automatic cleaning of high-grade steel ribbon for the production of high temperature superconductors, GEO components and systems are used in a multitude of production and finishing stages. GEO's integrated cleaning systems can be placed in-line with the production line or placed off-line as a separate process.

GEO's new multi-strand ultrasonic wire cleaner is based on expertise gained over two decades of experience. Completely made of stainless steel for an extremely long service life particular attention has been paid to easy and straight forward operation. Cleaning, rinsing and drying are equipped with special wire guides for intelligent handling. Coming into contact with liquids is almost impossible. The energy efficiency of the system meets the highest standards.

For less demanding applications the "Primary Wire Wipe" system is the right choice. The wire to be cleaned passes between two strips of absorbing tape material which move in opposite directions laterally so that a clean tape surface is continuously presented to the wire. In this way the wire does not come into contact with contaminated wipers as is the case when rags or stationary felt pads are used.

GEO's product range is completed by a wide variety of spiral brushes with metal and synthetic filaments.

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