Marldon airwipes for cable & tube

PUBLISHED: 03 Dec 13

High Speed Air Wipe Model 838
High Speed Air Wipe Model 838

Following the extrusion process, air wipes are used to remove cooling water, either droplets or films. Wiping is necessary to ensure proper operation of such equipment as spark testers, in-line printers and dimension gauges.

Marldon air wipes achieve maximum wiping action because the wipe orifice can be easily changed to the optimum diameter for efficient water removal for a given product diameter. Because this orifice is adjustable, a wide range of product sizes can be accommodated with a single wipe.

Other brands of air wipes use a fixed orifice, which is efficient for only one product diameter. Different units must then be used to optimally wipe the full range of product diameters manufactured on a single production line.

All Marldon air wipes allow the passage of lumps by use of hinging mechanisms that open to allow lumps through, and then close back when they have passed.

Marldon air wipes are constructed of durable materials, including stainless steel, aluminum and ceramics, depending on the model.

The model 838 is a high-speed air wipe for small products up to 8mm in diameter. Multiple air jets provide maximum wiping action. The spring loaded upper assembly will lift allowing easy threading and the passage of lumps. Wear resistant ceramic inserts prolong the life of the unit and assist breaking the surface tension of water . The 838 is effective at line speeds of up to 1000 meters / minute.

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