CeeLok FAS-T connector family now offers square flange receptacle shell

PUBLISHED: 10 Dec 13

TE Connectivity's pioneering connector system features field terminable, crimp-snap, 10GbE technology
TE Connectivity's pioneering connector system features field terminable, crimp-snap, 10GbE technology

TE Connectivity (TE), a world leader in connectivity, announces the CeeLok FAS-T connector is now available in square flange receptacle shell versions for both wire-applied and printed circuit board-applied applications. The CeeLok FAS-T connector easily meets 10 Gigabit Ethernet speeds, with ample headroom for even the most stringent link budgets. The connector achieves outstanding signal integrity due to the patented T-shaped pin pattern that provides noise cancellation and decoupling to minimize cross-talk. The CeeLok FAS-T connectors have been designed for optimum performance in some of the harshest environments in military, commercial aerospace and marine/offshore applications.

"The square flange receptacle measures just 0.913 inch on each side and provides an outstanding choice for customers seeking high-speed signal transmission in environments where high vibrations may preclude the use of a jam nut style shell," said Earle Olson, Business Development Manager, Global Aerospace, Defense & Marine, TE Connectivity. "This new small form factor, rugged, field terminable I/O connector enables a wide cross-section of industry uses from in-flight applications for commercial and military platforms, to meeting ground-based and marine-based needs."

The CeeLok FAS-T connector provides an easy to terminate, high-speed/bandwidth interface that delivers on the demand of size and weight reduction, while satisfying ever-increasing performance needs.

This new receptacle shell configuration is available in electroless nickel or low reflectivity black zinc nickel plating. Additionally, TE now offers a range of lanyard-attached, sealed, EMI-resistant protective caps for use with both plug and receptacle CeeLok FAS-T connectors. The protective caps have been designed to pass IP67 and, like the connectors, are available with electroless nickel or low-reflectivity black zinc nickel plating.

The CeeLok FAS-T connector easily meets today's high-speed signal requirements for both cat 5e and cat 6a cabling and is a true 100 Ohm impedance connector compatible with various other high-speed protocols. It features crimp-snap contacts that enable easy termination and field repairability. Its unique integral backshell provides 360-degree shielding and drives down weight and cost, while significantly improving overall system performance.

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