Rolf Schlicht GmbH at wire 2014

PUBLISHED: 20 Dec 13

Left: powder coating machine; right: Huestis air wipe
Left: powder coating machine; right: Huestis air wipe

In Hall 12 on stand 12A45 at the Wire show in Düsseldorf Rolf Schlicht GmbH, Hamburg, will exhibit different versions of its electrostatic powder coating machines. The machine model RSC was designed to powder cables, wires, hoses, and profiles evenly, finely dosed and absolutely dust free with powders like talc, stearate, varnish powder, swellable powder, graphite etc.

In the machine there is a fully automatic and maintenance free filter system which is not cleaned off by blowing in compressed air. Thanks to this filter system a strong and constant vacuum is generated in the machine, so that no powder will escape into the ambient - guaranteed.

The machine will be manufactured correspondingly to the desired extrusion speed and diameter. Several options are available to execute the machine, so that it perfectly fits into your line.

In order to convince you of the dust-free working performance we will show you the machine in function with powder.

Further exhibits on the stand of Rolf Schlicht GmbH will be:

Samp S.p.A., Italy
Rolf Schlicht GmbH offers the complete range of products and systems like there are rod breakdown lines, single-wire and multi-wire drawing machines, bunching and laying-up machines, winding and unwinding solutions as well as LV, MHV & CV extrusion lines and spare parts for already working SAMP machines and plants.

HUESTIS Air misers
which are used since many years in the cable, wire and profile industry with best success. The air wipes are of low noise, dry highly efficiently and are paid within short since the compressed air consumption is very low because of a special construction. We supply the HUESTIS air wipes with sizes from 1,6 mm up to 178 mm diameter. Special sizes also in rectangular shape are available upon request. They open automatically to allow knots, splices and other oversizes to pass without stopping production or creation of damages. Due to their small size they can be mounted in any cooling line without problems.

MOVACOLOR Color Dosing Units
Material throughput measurement system MC-Weight and colour dosing system MC Balance. The MC-Weight hopper is designed for measuring the throughput of material in a process. Simplicity and accuracy: These are the two keywords for the MC-Weight. The unit is extremely user-friendly. The MC-Weight hopper is normally used in combination with an extruder. It always delivers accurate dosing rates through continues loss-in-weight measurements with closed-loop control.

RAPID PURGE Cleaning compound
The ready-for-use cleaning compound RAPID PURGE for extruders and injection moulding machines. Heads, tools, moulds, breaker plates etc. do not have to be dismantled.

Rolf Schlicht GmbH, Germany
Tel: + 49 40 679 9420

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