New contract for High Voltage cables in Denmark

PUBLISHED: 09 Apr 14

The new underground cable project will interconnect the Horns Rev3 offshore wind farm to the mainland transmission grid
The new underground cable project will interconnect the Horns Rev3 offshore wind farm to the mainland transmission grid

Prysmian Group, world leader in the energy and telecom cable systems industry, has been awarded a new contract by the Danish transmission grid operator for the development of a HV cable system for the underground connection of the Horns Rev3 offshore wind farm in Denmark.

The project involves supply of a High Voltage Alternate Current (HVAC) 245 kV power cable connection, comprising 45 km land cable route, Click-Fit™ network components and commissioning services to connect the Horns Rev offshore wind farm from the substation at the beach area to the 400 kV transmission station in Endrup. The underground cables for Horns Rev3 offshore wind farm connection will be manufactured in the Pikkala plant (Finland), one of the Group's centres of technological and manufacturing excellence for High Voltage cables. Project completion is scheduled by the end of 2015 with final take over in 2016.

"We are delighted to be working with on this project", says Mario Tomasi, CEO of Prysmian Denmark. "Northern Europe represents a strategic market for Prysmian, with a number of projects currently on-going and already accomplished. In this area, in particular, the Group is deeply involved in the development of offshore wind farms for the exploitation of energy from renewable sources".

This new contract further confirms Prysmian's leadership in the strategic high value-added sector of extra high voltage energy cables and systems. Among its activities in this sector, currently, the Group is also carrying out the Danish part of the underground HVDC cable system for the Skagerrak 4 interconnection between Norway and Denmark. This project is aimed at enhancing the efficiency and competitiveness of the Nordic electricity market and will contribute to the development of a more environmentally-friendly power market in Europe, by supporting export of renewable energy produced in Norway and increase of wind power generation in Denmark.

Prysmian is particularly active in Northern Europe with full expertise in offshore wind farms and interconnectors and an extended ability to offer turnkey products and services (including design, manufacture and installation) to better serve these growing markets where Prysmian Group has already acquired and completed several projects such as Ormonde, Walney I and II, Greater Gabbard, Thanet, Gunfleet Sands, Robin Rigg, Gwynt y Mor and Teesside in the UK and BorWin2, Helwin1, Helwin2, SylWin1 e DolWin3 in Germany.

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