Mechanical cleaning systems from the specialists in wire cleaning

PUBLISHED: 27 May 14

DRB brush cleaning system
DRB brush cleaning system

GEO specializes in the production of wet chemical cleaning systems for wire, strip, tube, cable, rod and similar longitudinal configurations. Almost all of today's demands on the cleaning processes can be realized with proven GEO components, such as high performance ultrasonic tube reactors and high pressure or steam jets.

Geo in line cleaning systems can be complemented by state-of-the-art systems for continuous bath monitoring and much more according to individual requirements.

For less demanding cleaning tasks, mechanical methods are suitable. The "Primary Wire Wipe" system (PWW) enjoys excellent popularity in this field. The wire to be cleaned passes between two strips of absorbing tape material which move in opposite directions. In this way a clean tape surface is continuously presented to the wire or strip material.

The new DRB brush cleaning system for wires, cables and pipes is a compact, eco- friendly and cost-effective system for the removal of residual scales, tinsel and dust, as well as to reduce excess drawing agent. For this purpose the material passes through a rotating spiral brush.

Depending on the application and material the brushes can have nylon, brass or steel bristles. The rotary movement of the brush supports the wiping effect of this well-proven tool. Further contamination removed from the wire does not clog-up the brush because centrifugal force throws a major part of the removed contamination into the base of the unit.

Inside a lidded working box two separate compartments include a rotating unit to fix a cut to length spiral brush and an air wipe. Removed dirt is caught in the trough and collected in a removable, draw type, container. Following the spiral brush the air jet nozzle blow off any remaining loose particles.

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Mechanical cleaning systems from the specialists in wire cleaning
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