CableBuilder gives Greek cable manufacturer an Alpha to Omega solution

PUBLISHED: 23 Jun 14

Cimteq is the supplier of the cable design and quotation software CableBuilder
Cimteq is the supplier of the cable design and quotation software CableBuilder

Leading cable design and manufacturing software provider Cimteq, the company behind CableBuilder, has announced a relationship with another new client, Hellenic Cables S.A. adding to its rapidly expanding global presence. Based in Maroussi, Greece, Hellenic is the largest manufacturer of cables in Southern Europe. They produce a variety of brands, their most famous being Cablel, and are renowned for specialising in submarine cables.

With an impressive 45% share of their home market, it is imperative for Hellenic to have a system in place that understands the complexity of their product and process, particularly with regard to sub-sea cables. It therefore stands to reason that the software they selected had to be more than just a computer programme; it had to understand cable technology and be flexible in order to fit to their exact requirements, not the other way round.

Cimteq provided the perfect solution to Hellenics requirements in the form of CableBuilder. This revolutionary product can be fully integrated into a company's current SAP system and allows the company to design a cable that accurately meets their customers' needs in the shortest possible timescale and in the most cost effective manner. The system can account for and optimise production losses, as well as combine data and customer requirements. Ultimately the end result is extremely satisfied customers due to increasing the profitability of their manufacturing process.

CableBuilder is so flexible that it can operate across a multi-plant environment, streamlining the process between different plants and enhancing continuity at both design and production level. Furthermore the system is able to give each factory the freedom to optimise designs to their own manufacturing capabilities whilst simultaneously employing Key Performance Indicators to provide trade standard benchmarks across the entire enterprise. This benefit was extremely attractive to Hellenic which operates five production plants across Europe.

"The beauty about CableBuilder is that it can be completely tailored to fit the requirements of the company at any specific point in time. The system is completely scalable and therefore capable of evolving with the company as it grows and their needs and requirements change." commented Ali Shehab, CEO of Cimteq. He went on to state "CableBuilder is so much more than simply a software package - it is so intuitive in its applications and therefore it becomes an integral part of the design and quotation process, a key player in both your sales and production teams."

Hellenic was attracted to the ease and speed with which CableBuilder could allow their engineers to create accurate, quality designs for sub-sea cables, an area of cable manufacturing which is extremely complex and where the smallest miscalculation can prove extremely costly. The datasheet generation and product visualisation features have provided their sales force with an excellent tool, allowing them to easily communicate the design to their customers.

Hellenic quickly discovered that CableBuilder would transform the way in which they operated and performed throughout the production process. They established that they could dramatically reduce the time it took to raise a quotation for a customer using the system, in addition to this the accuracy of the quotations they were generating increased tremendously.

A further impressive element to CableBuilder is Cimteq's Manufacturing Simulation Model (MSM). This module has been designed to simulate the real world through flexible, user configurable machine and production rules. It is amazing in that it actually comprehends cable length and the associated problems.

This feature rich tool will enable Hellenic to dramatically optimise their sub-sea production, an area which in the past has proved tricky due to the large quantity of variables involved within the quotation process.

Moving forwards Hellenic can be confident that with CableBuilder they are able to provide their customers with accurate project costs whilst also minimising wastage, improving production efficiency and dramatically reducing the likelihood of unprofitable orders arising.

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