Gauder Group at Wire & Cable India 2014

PUBLISHED: 03 Jul 14

Pourtier single twist strander
Pourtier single twist strander

Whether you are looking for new, low-cost or second-hand wire & cable machinery, the Gauder Group members offer you tailor-made solutions !

High-quality bunchers, stranders and cablers made in Europe : while SETIC focuses on machines for SPECIAL / INSTRUMENTATION / LAN cable (in one step or two steps) as well as for power cable and automotive industry (double twist from 560 mm up to 1600 mm), POURTIER develops complete lines to produce submarine and umbilical cable as well as all kinds of power cables (High Voltage and Extra-High Voltage, from overhead cable - ACCC™, ACSS-TW and ACSR-TW - to insulated cable AC type - using high quality Milliken conductor - or DC type - using large round compacted conductor or trapezoidal wires) including process assistance.

Stranding lines and accessories made in China : for the production of power and communication cable, DALOO is the single designer and manufacturer of reliable low cost machinery rich of European experience.

Wide second-hand machines availability along with services : Gauder earned a leadership position providing reliable and economical solutions ready to manufacture non ferrous and ferrous products like rods, wires, conductors, cables, strands, ropes, bars, meshes, ...

Complete range of services for all brands Wire & Cable production lines : 'C2S', the Cable Services & Systems division, is the ideal partner to restore machine productivity and product quality. Its turnover has been rising by 350 % for 10 years.

The Gauder Group will be exhibiting at Wire & Cable India 2014 on booth 1D15

Gauder Group, Belgium
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