Ormiston Wire reveals how to specify wire for art and sculpture

PUBLISHED: 28 Aug 14

Ormiston Wire reveals how to specify wire for art and sculpture
Ormiston Wire reveals how to specify wire for art and sculpture

Ormiston Wire, a global expert in wire and specialist wire applications, has released a new, free white paper offering a guide to specifying different types of wire for art and sculpture. The paper will help students and established artists specify wire to ensure correct usage in both the structure and suspension of their art.

Wire used in art and sculpture breaks down into two types: that which is used for the suspension of artworks, and wire that is used in the structure of the sculpture itself. The free white paper focuses on these types of uses of wire in art and on how different properties can produce a variety of results.

The paper also concentrates on the use of wire by successful British artists today. This includes Barbara Franc, who uses wire in structures to create stunning animal displays with recycled materials, and Thomas Heatherwick, creator of the Olympic Cauldron, the sculpture that held the Olympic flame during the London 2012 games, who uses wire for suspension purposes.

"Wire can be specified to create a wide range of different artistic effects while meeting the physical demands of the installation," explains Mark Ormiston, Managing Director, Ormiston Wire. "By working with a wire specialist that provides a wire specification service, artists are able to not only satisfy any weight constraints of the art, but also find the correct wire to ensure they accomplish the visual effect that they were aiming for".

To download the white paper for free, please click here http://www.ormiston-wire.co.uk/news/using-wire-for-art-and-sculpture/

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