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PUBLISHED: 04 Dec 14

Wiedenbach Apparatebau GmbH opens new homepage
Wiedenbach Apparatebau GmbH opens new homepage

Wiedenbach Apparatebau GmbH, one of the leading suppliers of inkjet marking systems for the wire and cable (W&C) industry and other industry branches, has recently presented itself with a new, clearly structured homepage in German and English.

The visitor receives core information about the company, about markets in which Wiedenbach marking systems are applied, and about the products such as the printers of the WP and CS series. Brochures with detailed information and technical data can be downloaded. Moreover, the visitor can get the latest news about the activities of the company.

Wiedenbach Apparatebau GmbH, established in 1983, is a group company of Domino Printing Sciences plc. and supplies specialist continuous inkjet printers as well as inks developed in-house. The ink system enables rapid, precise and durable printing of products made of metal, plastics, textile, glass and paper.

Wiedenbach-Systeme are used in the manufacturing and processing of cables, pipes and profiles, in the extrusion of rubber and plastic products, in the steel-processing, in the manufacturing of electronic components and automotive parts as well as in other industry sectors.

Wiedenbach Apparatebau GmbH, Germany
Tel: + 49 7731 79911 0
Email: infoservice@wiedenbach.com
Web: www.wiedenbach.com

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A quick way to Wiedenbach