Condat at Interwire 2015

PUBLISHED: 02 Feb 15

VICAFIL wire drawing soaps
VICAFIL wire drawing soaps

At Interwire 2015, CONDAT will present its latest developments in lubricants and products for Wire Drawing industries, including:

VICAFIL®: the industry's most complete range of wire drawing lubricants

STEELSKIN®: Specialty lubricants for the most demanding applications

CONDAT continues to develop advanced solutions to meet the increasingly stringent requirements for environmental and health & safety regulations:

  • Reduction of dust in workshops (OSHA Directive),
  • Impending SDS updates (GHS system June 2015),

The show will be the opportunity for CONDAT to promote several recently developed new products including:

VICAFIL TF 1869: A new and very versatile mixed-basis soap for high speed drawing of galvanized high carbon steels or phosphated steels. It may be used throughout all passes, or in conjunction with another high performance sodium-based soap, for the fastest draw speeds.

VICAFIL SUMAC 5 T: A new addition to the SUMAC family. A low borax soap, offering exceptional performance on the most demanding high carbon steel wire applications, such as tire cord and tire bead wires, but versatile for a wide range of uses and materials, without leaving an excessive or dusty residue.

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