High performance X-ETFE extrusion

PUBLISHED: 12 Feb 15

High performance X-ETFE extrusion for special cables in aerospace and automotive applications
High performance X-ETFE extrusion for special cables in aerospace and automotive applications

When it comes to the production of special cables with special properties, the desired machine performance rises to a high level. The demand of sensitive production processes made Rosendahl boost and fine-tune its manufacturing solutions for aerospace and automotive cable manufacturers.

High-quality extrusion in combination with economic production play a pivotal role for every cable manufacturer. This is why Rosendahl developed first-class process technology for X-ETFE extrusion under economical production conditions.

Rosendahl has put all their extensive material and process know-how into special equipment features. The results are process security and highest productivity. Its high performance extrusion line can be set up in either a single or dual layer insulation design in a tandem process.

First-class features are applied in:

  • Extruder and screw design
Achieve outstanding product quality due to low shear of sensitive materials.
  • Crosshead design
Expect perfect material flow. A minimum residence time maintains the material's properties and supports smooth production. The design's uniform melt flow leads to perfect concentricity.
  • Line configuration
Benefit from a quick process start-up with a helper capstan. Optimize your production with a cooling trough close to the crosshead.

Line demonstrations can be seen at the installed laboratory line at Rosendahl's new Technology Center in Austria. Get in touch with the Rosendahl team to get more information on their special cable X-ETFE extrusion line for aerospace and automotive applications.

Rosendahl Nextrom GmbH, Austria
Tel: + 43 3113 5100-0
Email: office.austria@rosendahlnextrom.com
Web: www.rosendahlnextrom.com

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High performance X-ETFE extrusion