Braude have launched a new heater

PUBLISHED: 27 Feb 15

The new heaters from Braude
The new heaters from Braude

The Polaris Neptune Electric Immersion Heater is a new addition to the Polaris family of immersion heaters.

For over 50 years Braude have specialised in acid proof equipment for heating corrosive liquids. Our range of products is used in industries such as Galvanising, Aerospace, Metal Finishing as well as the Chemical Industry. We have received many requests to broaden our product range to include a heater that was not only cost effective but also a more conventional option for the most common process solutions.

The POLARIS NEPTUNE Electric Immersion Heater was created for typical applications such degreasing solutions and common electroplating processes where the full chemical resistance of Teflon is not required.

Braude engineers have been hard at work to ensure that a high performance tubular MI electric heater has been created without compromising on the quality that you can rely on from Braude.

The principle materials are stainless steel or titanium but other options such as Inconel and Teflon sheathed are available on request.  The heaters are available in single or three phase supply and the standard solution level is at least 50mm above the hot zone of the heater. There will be no exposed joints near the surface of any liquids. The heaters should normally be mounted to the flange of the tank and all heaters are fitted with a fully encapsulated head to IP66 with a flying lead for easy connection.  For solutions generating deposits such as phospating, polished heaters and low watt density models can be provided.

Braude can provide temperature and level controllers as well as complete control panels for use with your heaters.

The Principle features of the heater are:

  • A Robust Construction
  • A choice of either Stainless Steel or Titanium
  • Various Sizes from 1 kW to 18kW
  • Option of either Single or three phase
  • Resin Heater connection to IP66
  • Flying lead for easy connection
  • Over the side mounting with hanging bracket provided
  • Choice of configurations to suit tank
  • Compatible with Thermaster and Levelmaster controllers

E Braude (London) Ltd, UK
Tel: + 44 1252 876123

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