Cimteq - Off to a flying start!

PUBLISHED: 23 Jun 15

Example of drawing generated from CableBuilder  - Medium Voltage Cable in 3D
Example of drawing generated from CableBuilder - Medium Voltage Cable in 3D

The first part of 2015 has seen cable and design manufacturing company Cimteq get off to a fantastic start. With multiple new business wins under their belt it is easy to see why this rapidly growing company is quickly becoming the leading producer of Cable manufacturing technology around the globe.

With large companies such as Datwyler, Northwire and Habia adopting their products during the first quarter of 2015, the company is enabling cable manufacturing to become a much more efficient and profitable industry to operate in. The benefits that Cimteq's products deliver in terms of streamlining the pricing and costing process are phenomenal, and that is just one of the strings to the extremely comprehensive bow that is the Cimteq offering.

Amongst its activities this year the company has provided a bespoke solution for EIS Wire & Cable. The Massachusetts based company came to Cimteq looking to replace an existing, out of date system with a platform that would allow them more functionality whilst streamlining their existing systems into a single operating entity. Cimteq's CableBuilder software offered the perfect solution allowing EIS to service their customers more efficiently whilst still delivering their exacting standards of quality.

"Selecting CableBuilder was an excellent decision, Cimteq's knowledge and ability to adapt the software to our own processes, systems and methods of working was impressive, they supported us throughout the whole implementation period and did an excellent job. We are more than satisfied with the results so far and are looking forward to experiencing the effect CableBuilder will have on our company in the months and years to come." Richard M. Goyette, Engineering & Quality Manager, EIS.

In addition the speciality wire and cable manufacturer, Nuhas Oman have recently started using CableBuilder to aid them in their product design and manufacturing, particularly in relation to power cables. The Middle Eastern based company was attracted to CableBuilder for its ability to automate many steps of their design and costing procedure, the platform can be seamlessly integrated with their existing systems ensuring minimum disruption to production.

Further deals with Habia, located in Sweden and across Datwyler's Chinese, Swiss and Czech Republic plants have also been agreed. Both projects will allow Cimteq to transform the productivity, efficiency and as a direct result profitability of both businesses. Habia will see a complete change in the way they work in terms of design and quotations with several outdated systems being replaced by two streamlined, completely compatible and integrated systems. Cimteq are extremely enthusiastic about this new installation and look forward to assisting Habia during the year.

It can certainly be argued that Cimteq are one of the players to watch in the industry, a conclusion that Simon Gainey, Business Development Manager at Cimteq will certainly not be refuting "The start to 2015 has been a fantastic one, with the versatility offered by CableBuilder and CableMES we have aided a great many companies to revolutionise their systems. It truly is very satisfying to help a company to reduce their costs and increase profitability whilst also ensuring that quality and accuracy of product are maximised. We are already beginning to see how powerful word of mouth is with several enquiries coming about as a result of referrals. Our products speak for themselves and we are very excited to see what the rest of the year brings, the cable industry is certainly an interesting environment to be operating in right now".

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