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A unique partner for welding wire production!

Left: CANDOR electrolytic copper coating line; right: wire cleaning plant
Left: CANDOR electrolytic copper coating line; right: wire cleaning plant

CANDOR was founded in 1946 and is specialized in wire cleaning & plating plants and a supplier of chemicals for various applications.

The combination of our know-how in chemical processes and our advanced equipment for cleaning & plating of wire makes CANDOR on the market.

CANDORr Sweden AB is well known for it's advanced high speed welding wire copper coating plants and high speed stainless steel welding wire cleaning plants. In combination to the wire cleaning and coating plants CANDOR is also able to supply waste water treatment plants to handle the waste rinse water and also dumped chemical process baths. The CANDOR additive inhibitor E-1 is supplied to welding wire manufacturers all over the world for enhanced properties of the copper coating such as better adherence, finer grain sizes, feedability, less flaking etc.

CANDOR is proud to present the recent developments of the COPPERJET, a high speed copper coating plant, chemical or electrolytic, for high quality welding wires. The plant will copper coat the wire at high speeds up to 25-30 m/s with best possible cleaning and coating quality.

A modular design makes it possible to satisfy a wide range of quality demands and applications for CO2, MIG, FCW & SAW welding wires. The COPPERJET is available with optional CANDOJET HW hot water spray pre-cleaning, high current density spray pickling, COPPERJET copper coating, with looping of the wire or straight wire pass line with COPPERJET technology. The plants are available with 3- or 5-step cascade rinses in various designs for best solution for each customer.

Inhibitor E-1 - For high quality welding wires that your customers like!
With CANDOR additive INHIBITOR E-1 used in the copper bath a fine grain deposit with very good adhesion will be coated on the wire. Further results of using the INHIBITOR E-1 is enhanced feedability, less flaking and peel off and a longer life time of the copper bath compared to other products. Waste water treatment – Environmental aspects in mind!

The dumped copper baths and rinse water from the copper coating plants can be treated in CANDOR WWT - Waste water treatment plant. CANDOR care about the best possible productivity and economical production plants for the customer but at the same time the high environmental demands for today & tomorrows production plants. It is very important to take care of the waste generated in the production for a sustainable environment.

Stainless steel welding wires - High speed & high quality!
CANDOR offer high speed ultrasonic & electrolytic cleaning plants for stainless steel welding wire production where cleaning demands are extremely high. The plant can be placed directly in-line with drawing machine at high wire speed or as in-line cleaning with annealing furnace. It is very important to have a clean wire surface for stainless materials to prevent carbide build up in the wire surface during heat treatment. It also keeps down the maintenance cost and down time of the annealing furnace sine the furnace tubes will be kept cleaner.

CANDOR Sweden AB also offer single- and multi wire cleaning & plating lines for ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Typical lines offered are:

  • ULTRASONIC & ELECROLYTIC wire cleaning for round and shaped wires
  • CANDOJET HW - Hot Water wire cleaning for round and shaped wires
  • Electrolytic PLATING PLANTS for wires such as tinning-, coppering-, nickel plating-, silver plating-, galvanizing- for all sorts of wire materials.

You are welcome to visit CANDOR Sweden AB at Wire South East Asia 2015 on stand F17!

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A unique partner for welding wire production!
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