Major changes and challenges - The NIEHOFF Magazine 2/2015

PUBLISHED: 21 Sep 15

The cover page of NIEHOFF Magazine 2/2015
The cover page of NIEHOFF Magazine 2/2015

The latest issue of the "NIEHOFF Magazine", the customer journal of the Niehoff Group, is available now. In his introductory remarks, Arnd Kulaczewski, CEO of the Niehoff Group, emphasizes that many people stand behind the name Niehoff and compares them with a symphony orchestra committed to working for Niehoff customers. There are introduced the members of the management team spearheading the Niehoff group.

Niehoff continuously examines market developments and watches mega trends, which are important for the business future of wire and cable manufacturers. One of the most powerful driving forces of the global economic condition is the automotive industry.

The main article of this issue of the "NIEHOFF Magazine" entitled "Major changes underway" quotes some of the central arguments of a recent study on trends in automotive wiring and automotive wire production provided by CRU and published by the International Cablemakers Federation ICF and gives an overview of the current state of technology, different conductor materials and different production methods for these alternative materials. The readers receive also information on the Niehoff exhibits at the wire Southeast Asia 2015 (booth H 33) and the wire South America 2015 (booth 612/713) trade fairs as well as information on the local Niehoff subsidiaries Niehoff Singapore Pte. Ltd. and Niehoff -Herborn Máquinas Ltda.

Market reports show that the economic situation for the wire and cable industry in Southeast Asia with its "new Tiger States" on the way to an economic power is promising, while South American cable manufacturers face massive challenges and focus on efficiency and cost reduction. One of them, Acome do Brasil is introduced in the company profile. The company, a subsidiary of the Acome group is one of the leading automotive wire manufacturers in Latin America.

In a series of articles about the internationally active Niehoff group, Nippon Niehoff Co., the Japanese subsidiary, is introduced. As an example of Niehoff's activities in the field of future-pointing machinery, the bunching, stranding and braiding concept by Niehoff is described with reference to the manufacturing of automotive wires. News in brief conclude the information offer of this issue.

Twice a year, the "NIEHOFF Magazine" informs about company news and developments, trade shows and events and other interesting topics. The magazine, published in English and German with summaries in Chinese and Russian, can be obtained from Niehoff headquarters in Germany or any Niehoff subsidiary and service office all over the world. It is also available at the Niehoff website:

Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH & Co KG, Germany
Tel: + 49 91 22977 0

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