'Responsible' lubricants

PUBLISHED: 02 Dec 15

CONDAT: Responsible dry drawing lubricants
CONDAT: Responsible dry drawing lubricants

With 160 years of expertise, CONDAT's lubricant range is recognized as a world reference in the metal forming market, especially for wire drawing processes (mechanical and electrical wire). Its VICAFIL and STEELSKIN range gathers together the widest choice of wire drawing soaps, surface treatment, neat and soluble oils, degreasing products...

Condat works on a daily basis to improve its lubricant range and to develop safer products for both operators and the environment.

Low HSE impact technologies

CONDAT proposes low HSE impact technologies : Formulations with least severe labelling possible.

  • For high carbon steel, Steelcord, Spring wire, Ropes, PC strand : wire dry drawing lubricants with low or zero Borax ( sodium tetraborate pentahydrate).

    Since the end of 2010 and the classification of Borax as SVHC, Condat has discontinued the production of High Borax dry lubricants and surface coatings at its European site. This first step ensures that our surface coating and dry lubricants are not labeled reprotoxic and ensures a safer workplace for the operators. Keeping in mind that the future of Borax in Europe is jeopardized by its inscription on the SVHC list, Condat's R&D has worked relentlessly to provide its customers with high performance solutions. VICAFIL SANTALE 6, wire drawing soap, satisfies the more demanding operations such as the production of steelcord allowing continuous quality improvement of the final product.

  • For low carbon steel, wire to be galvanized, CO2 welding: minimizing the use of titanium dioxide in dry drawing lubricants

    Lubricants containing titanium dioxide are often used where a heavy duty, high coating weight is required. Keeping ahead of the potential evolution in regulations, Condat has started to diminish the % of titanium dioxide in its lubricants and develop alternatives that are titanium dioxide free. VICAFIL DECAL 440 is the perfect example: its use has been validated on processes where lubricants containing titanium dioxide were usually used. This switch has been done without impact on productivity and provides improvements such as lower maintenance of acid cleaning baths or better compatibility with in line fluidized bed ovens.

  • For stainless steel on Spring wire, Cold heading wire : Chlorinated paraffins

    Another example is where CONDAT has discontinued the use of short and medium chain lengths of chlorinated paraffins. Short chain lengths are banned and medium chain lengths contribute to the classification of industrial sites (ex: European Seveso regulation). Chlorinated oils are commonly used in high duty metal forming operations. Condat has reformulated its range of drawing oils and greases so that they are not labeled under the GHS regulations. Condat products, for example VICAFIL TFG 4295 or VICAFIL TFH 1672 oils, can be used safely by operators, with minimal impact on the environment and do not contribute to Seveso classification for end users. They also result in cost savings in terms of waste disposal and site equipment.

With the same philosophy, CONDAT tries to reduce its environmental & transportation impact through local storage facilities. With 3 production sites worldwide and an international sales presence, CONDAT is able to promptly deliver products of identical quality to any location.

CONDAT's sense of responsibility is also obvious in the way it accompanies its customers. Not only does Condat guarantee its customers a reliable, consistent and high level of quality, but a team of experts, dedicated to the metal forming market, also provide a full range of services to help clients improve their production processes and productivity: lubricant use audit on-site and specific training on our technologies for plant management & operators.

In addition to high quality products, CONDAT invests continuously in order to provide exemplary reliability.

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