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Solutions for electrical wire drawing

Condat has used its 160 years' expertise in lubricant technology to develop a comprehensive range of products dedicated to the electrical wire & cable market
Condat has used its 160 years' expertise in lubricant technology to develop a comprehensive range of products dedicated to the electrical wire & cable market

A leader in the mechanical wire drawing market, Condat has earned international reputation for supplying the steel wire industry with its famous brand name VICAFIL™. The company has used its 160 years' expertise in lubricant technology to develop a comprehensive range of products dedicated to the electrical wire & cable market.

A wide range of high performance lubricants

  • For Aluminum Wire drawing, VICAFIL™ TFA neat oils range has been designed to offer both low residues and extended operating life. Its specifically formulated additives package minimizes thermal oxidation maintaining longer lubricant performance. The bath life is increased and thus reduces maintenance costs. Thanks to their low viscosity, VICAFIL TFA 1167 and VICAFIL TFA 1460 reduce lubricant consumption whilst offering high lubricity. These formulations are suitable from the rod breakdown to the final wire drawing operations. Condat also offers a range of stranding lubricants leaving very low residues and offering perfect compatibility with the subsequent plastic extrusion processes: perfect adhesion and no bubbling.
  • For the drawing of Bare Copper Wires, VICAFIL™ TCU concentrated soluble lubricants provide consistent and reliable performance. The high lubricity of the emulsions reduces wire breakage while the additives package has been formulated to keep the machine clean, reduce foaming and increase the emulsion stability. This range also offers specific products for high temperature wires (silver, tin or nickel plated copper wires): synthetic based formulations which reduce the buildup of particles that can cause wire breakage, and soluble emulsions which offer high lubricating power for the more demanding drawing of Nickel coated wires. Specific cooling synthetic solutions are also available. They provide cleaner wire surfaces, optimum metallurgical properties and good corrosion protection for the annealing cabinet.
  • A full range of complementary products helps you in the management of the bath. Including products to clean your installations, bath maintenance additives as well as protection products for bare wires in order to avoid corrosion and extend shelf life.

Promoting an eco-responsible policy, Condat's R&D department accommodates the latest regulations and focuses on developing safer products for both people and the environment, without compromising on performance. Several production sites, all ISO 9001 certified, enable Condat to deliver top quality products everywhere in the world through its distribution & service network.

Always willing to improve its customer relationship with tailored services, Condat is looking for additional local partnerships and distributors worldwide. In case of interest, please contact Condat's team at wire@condat.fr.

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