Efficient and reliable marking of cables, optical fibers and plastic pipes

PUBLISHED: 23 Feb 16

Clockwise from top: The
Clockwise from top: The "Industrial Solution Print Bank" (ISPB); The CS 405 type inkjet printer; The modularly designed Domino A520i type inkjet printer

Wiedenbach, one of the leading suppliers of continuous inkjet (CIJ) marking systems for industrial products, will demonstrate together with Domino Deutschland GmbH at the trade show wire 2016, hall 16, booth D 63, the following equipment:

  • A marking station ISPB (Industrial Solution Print Bank) for the printing of PE tubes with two different printing techniques
  • A CIJ printer type A520i for the printing of PE cables
  • A CIJ printer type CS 405 for the high speed ring marking on optical fiber

The exhibits
The 2.5 m long and 1 m wide "Industrial Solution Print Bank" (ISPB) is foreseen to mark continuously components in throughfeed. The line combines a Wiedenbach type CS 407 inkjet printer and a Domino fibre laser type F220i in order that the different marking techniques can be optimally used. The creation of print texts and print control are carried out through the "QuickDesign" software. There will be demonstrated the marking of a pipe made of black polyethylen (PE) with a highly pigmented white ink developed in-house. It is possible to create high-quality fonts down to a minimum character height of only 0.8 mm. For automatic quality control, a camera system from Taymer can be integrated.

The Domino A520i type inkjet printer was designed for the use in harsh, above all wet environments and can be adapted ideally to any application because of its modular design. One of its features is a marine grade stainless steel cabinet with a sealed IP66 electronics enclosure. A special airflow cooling system for the electronics enclosure helps the printer to offer a constant performance. It is shown during printing cables made of bright polyethylene with black ink.

The CS 405 type inkjet printer designed for highest printing speeds of up to 1300 m/min is ideally suited for the marking of cables, pipes, profiles, switches and plugs with light pigmented and fast drying inks. The printer on display is combined with a rewinding line and will be shown during high speed ring marking on optical fiber with black ink. A connected scanner is applied for the selection of texts. As in the case of all printers from Wiedenbach, the functions of this printer can be remotely controlled by the web-based "Command Control System" (CCS).

About Wiedenbach and Domino Industrial
Wiedenbach Apparatebau GmbH, established in 1983, supplies specialist continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers and inks developed in-house. The products are used in several industrial sectors for the automated marking of technical products during the manufacturing process.

Wiedenbach became part of Domino Printing Sciences plc. in the year 2004 and has recently been appointed to lead the 'Industrial Sectors' division within Domino's Global Sector and Solutions organisation (GSS-Industrial), which serves the cable & wire, automotive, electronics, and building & construction industries. Wiedenbach will be responsible for creating and developing a global network of industrial sector specialists within the Domino's channels. Simultaneously, Wiedenbach will be able to respond quicker to future market trends and developments due to the comprehensive sales and service network of the Domino Group.

Wiedenbach Apparatebau GmbH, Germany
Tel: + 49 7731 79911 0
Email: infoservice@wiedenbach.com
Web: www.wiedenbach.com

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