Individually configurable 'pocket power-packs' for mechanical load transmission

PUBLISHED: 23 Mar 16

mbo Osswald - Special clevises from the specialist!
mbo Osswald - Special clevises from the specialist!

mbo Osswald is known for stocking an extremely broad range of standard clevises and clevis joints. Sometimes these components cannot fully meet the desired requirements and must therefore be individually adapted to the installation environment.

Continuous functional capability
As the link between two moving components clevises serve as safe and reliable load-transmitting elements. The extensive standard collection in accordance with ISO 8140 / DIN 71752 already covers a wide range of applications. If this is not sufficient, it will be necessary to match the individual components optimally to each other to increase efficiency and service life. The linking elements deserve special attention since complete mechanical load transmission is dependent on these 'pocket power-packs'. Through clever design it is possible to develop application-specific solutions which are even more powerful and guarantee continuous functional capability.

From a single source
The clevis specialist mbo Osswald is very well equipped for such tasks. Aside from its in-house clevis production, it can call on virtually 50 years of development know-how and a comprehensive service package. The routes are short, and the processes are very well optimised and matched to each other - all from a single source.

Low-cost production
Specially developed, highly efficient production concepts for the standard collection enable special parts to be manufactured cost-effectively, reliably and in line with the highest quality standards. Here the component profits in particular from the ingenious process structure, whether it be small-, medium- or large-scale production. The fully automatic machines provide for cost-effective production and thus a low final price.

Performance range - individually configurable
Square 8 mm to square 96 mm
Round stock diameters 4 mm to 65 mm, larger diameters on request
Steel and stainless steel
Assembly, packaging, identification

In addition to the production of special parts, mbo Osswald's product range comprises a wide selection of clevises, clevis joints, angle joints, rod ends, bolts, shaft retainers and machine elements.

MBO Osswald GmbH & Co KG, Germany
Tel: + 49 9345 6700

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Individually configurable 'pocket power-packs' for mechanical load transmission
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