Successful Seminar and W&C Show in Mumbai

PUBLISHED: 21 Oct 16

The Maillefer team at Wire & Cable India 2016
The Maillefer team at Wire & Cable India 2016

Close to 40 delegates attended our technical seminar held on the eve of the W&C show. All three topics - fiber optic cable lines, CCV lines and services - were well received. Our customers were happy to meet and mingle with our CEO and product managers as quite a few have had long associations with Maillefer over the many years, and were eager to know more about our new product offerings and innovations.

Wire & Cable India concluded on a positive note. The three day event was a success. Many Indian cable company representatives visited the fair, although there were less overseas visitors from other Asian countries and the Far East due to the close proximity of wire China just the previous week.

Our product focus was on CCV technology, Maillefer Services, Maillefer Factory System and Maillefer Consultation.

There were quite a few enquiries for fiber optic and solar cable lines. The increase in demand could be due to the Indian government’s initiative to promote digital India and solar energy. We foresee good growth potential for both these markets for the next five years.

Our Secondary Coating Line OEL 40///Explore is designed to reach ultra-high speeds of up to 
1000 m /min for jelly and dry tubes with PP, PBT, PC, PE and other materials. Increasing production efficiency is key in responding to the growing global demand for fiber optic cables.

When it comes to photovoltaic wire compliance to TUV 2Pfg and UL 4703, our insulation line EEL 20 can be configured for either tandem or co-extrusion to meet the stringent TUV and UL specifications and standards. The biggest advantage for customer with our extrusion technology is the 'wide window' of processing different polymers, which offers production flexibility of various types of insulated wires and cables.

Our sales and service office in Mumbai is geared up to offer customized services ranging from Support Services to Upgrade Solutions and Maintenance and Performance Solutions to Service Level Agreements.

We would like to thank everyone who visited us and hope to see you again at the next show in 2018.

Maillefer Extrusion Oy, Finland
Tel: + 358 9 88 665 600

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Successful Seminar and W&C Show in Mumbai
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