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PUBLISHED: 12 Jan 17

The new NPS 400/400 PP type spool
The new NPS 400/400 PP type spool

A completely new developed spool is the most recent highlight of the proven Niehoff Package System NPS. This collapsible multiway spool type NPS 400/400 PP is characterized by an attractive price while offering the same production safety and application potential like all original NPS spools. The new generation spools type NPS 400/400 PP are compatible with all 3 million NPS spools made of ABS.

Reducing production costs
The NPS 400/400 PP innovation is a further milestone in the more than 25 year history of the NPS and has been made possible by choosing a new spool material and by design modifications. As a result, the new spool has a reduced wall thickness and is considerably lower in cost than its predecessor. It can be reliably applied at operating speeds of up to 1800 m/min - a speed which is approved only for Niehoff spools - and has been already in use at major cable manufacturers. The new spool can be equipped with an RFID transponder system. By this NPS users can identify if a spool belongs to the system and is compatible with it - or not. The transponder simplifies also spool labeling: As the spool identification is stored in RFID no label is needed. The spools standard colour is grey, spools in special colours are available as an option. The new spool generation is the result of the continuous further development of the NPS in order to reduce the production costs of its users and to exploit savings potentials to a maximum. The application of the NPS and its new spools is associated with great cost benefits. During the year 2017 further NPS PP spool types with other dimensions will be introduced to the market.

The NPS cable handling system
The Niehoff Package System NPS is a highly efficient, safe and economic handling system for automotive wires. It consists of the specially developed SV type spoolers and collapsible plastic multiway spools. The SV spoolers are designed to operate in line with extrusion lines and spool the insulated wire coming from there with a particular conical wire laying technology onto the spools. The NPS spools offer a secure, stable and tangle free package both when full or partially-empty and enable highest cable pay-off speeds into downstream processes. Empty NPS spools can be fully dismantled and nested into each other. Dismantled spools take up only a third of the space of comparable conventional spools and require much less return shipping space than traditional spools. Upon return to the cable manufacturer NPS spools can be easily and quickly re-assembled and then re-used for dozens of cycles.

The NPS is the world's only packaging system for automotive wires made of copper, copper alloys and aluminum which allows trouble-free and tangle-free paying-off at highest speeds. Even signal cables made of copper alloys with a cross-section of 0.13 mm2 can be processed without any problems.

Complete Solutions from a Single Source
Maschinenfabrik Niehoff develops and builds with an experience of more than 60 years all machinery needed for the production of non-ferrous metals wires and the further processing into automotive, data and special cables, with the exception of extruders. In addition, the portfolio contains technical assistance by professional specialists who speak the customers' languages. The reliable supply with original Niehoff wear parts and spare parts, machinery inspection, refurbishment and maintenance measures as well as machine operator and maintenance training courses complete the range of services. Niehoff Group offers custom-tailored solutions from development and planning to turnkey projects of complete cable factories.

Niehoff Endex North America, Inc. (NENA), a wholly owned subsidiary of the Niehoff Group, with manufacturing and engineering capabilities in NJ, USA, is responsible for the sales, supply, and service of the entire Niehoff product range in the USA, Canada & Mexico. NENA was founded in 1999 by the combination of Niehoff of America, Inc. and Endex, the former Bekaert Engineering of North America.

The Group with nearly 800 employees worldwide is comprised of its headquarters, five manufacturing subsidiaries (in Brazil, the US, the Czech Republic, India, and China) as well as sales and service centers in Japan, Singapore and Russia.

Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH & Co KG, Germany
Tel: + 49 91 22977 0

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