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Graco AFD offers new Dispense Analyzer monitoring system

The Graco Dispense Analyzer's precise dispense signature helps users detect and corrects error
The Graco Dispense Analyzer's precise dispense signature helps users detect and corrects error

Graco Advanced Fluid Dispense (AFD), a world leader in fluid handling products and systems, announces the Graco Dispense Analyzer monitoring system, the ultimate system for detecting errors in material dispense for a wide variety of applications. Graco and Sciemetric have teamed up to create the innovative Graco Dispense Analyzer, which tracks and monitors each dispense "signature" with a degree of precision higher than other approaches, including vision-reliant inspection systems.

The Graco Dispense Analyzer uses a variety of sensor data to define a dispense signature. The system then determines whether each dispense has been completed in accordance with the signature, such that it will result in a good part. If the dispense signature is outside of defined parameters, the Dispense Analyzer can provide actionable information to define a course of action - rework, retouch, or scrap.

The Graco Dispense Analyzer can be easily configured to analyze a wide range of applications, and has been widely used for engine gaskets. It can record and analyze the signature for each dispense, and can detect defects associated with air bubbles, bead size, dispense pressure, flow rate, consistency, and temperature of dispense, as well as a variety of custom attributes. The Graco dispense signature is particularly useful for finding microbubbles below the surface, which cannot be found using a vision system. Access to this high level of precise data allows users to quickly and easily find a defect’s root cause, avoid product defects, and fully understand the dynamics of their dispense application. Detecting defects never before visible, the Graco Dispense Analyzer helps users to avoid expensive problems by responding sooner, and to contain potential warranty claims and recalls to only those products affected.

If a problem surfaces in the future, users can return to stored data to identify the root cause and use waveform analysis to more accurately determine how to correct it. When required for quality or regulatory purposes, end users can quickly and easily retrieve the detailed data stored by the Graco Dispense Analyzer. The system is fully compatible with the Sciemetric QualityWorX data management platform, tying traceability and process control throughout operations.

For more information visit http://www.graco.com/us/en/products/ad/graco-dispense-analyzer.html

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Graco AFD offers new Dispense Analyzer monitoring system
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