Rod rust removal - dry, green and clean

PUBLISHED: 09 Sep 17

Rod and wire cleaning by SB brushing
Rod and wire cleaning by SB brushing system

Wire rod rust is no longer an alarming phenomenon, since the introduction of the Smooth-Brush (SB) wire rod green and dry cleaning system.

Installed in-line after a simple rod reverse bending descaler, the SB system removes excess rod scale and rust, converting over 95 per cent of rod scale into useful micro-abrading pads, providing effi ciency and simplicity in rod dry cleaning applications, H/C and L/C, including 0.98% C.

Continuously liberated rod scale provides, in-line, an extremely receptive about 5-micron size texture enabling powder lubricant to be chemically and mechanically interlocked to the rod surface, forming a hard and consistent anti-wear and anti-friction conversion coating that is found to perform comparably to or better than zinc phosphate.

This achieves in-line direct drawing from mechanically descaled uncoated bare rod, at virtually zero energy consumption and zero maintenance cost, in a totally green and dry application.

The SB rod cleaning is used in demanding wire drawing applications, including spring wire, plating wire, galvanised wire, PC strand wire, Al clad wire, cold-heading wire, CO2 welding wire, etc.

The SB dry cleaning system replaces costly operations in wire rod cleaning processes, (including acid and other aggressive wet chemicals), generating substantial cost savings, environmental benefi ts and improvement of productivity.

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