Considerable cost savings

PUBLISHED: 15 Sep 17

The cover page of NIEHOFF Magazine 2/2017
The cover page of NIEHOFF Magazine 2/2017

A new issue of the NIEHOFF Magazine, the customer journal of the Niehoff Group, is available now. The main article entitled "Considerable cost savings" is based on the Niehoff presentation at the most recent CRU Wire & Cable Conference and demonstrates how energy costs, labour costs and material costs can be sustainably reduced by using Niehoff machinery. With the latest generation of RBD lines from Niehoff e.g. 200,000 /a of electrical energy savings can be achieved compared with a conventional gear driven rod line. Other examples are the reduced power consumption of an D 632 type double twist buncher with ECO-Bow and the working precision of Niehoff systems. Their users can exploit the lower tolerance limits of specifications and achieve considerable material savings.

Further focal points in this NIEHOFF Magazine issue are the markets in Southeast Asia and South America with the trade fairs wire Southeast Asia (where Niehoff will display D 632 type double twist bunching machine) and wire South America (where Niehoff will display an MMH 101 multiwire drawing machine). Two articles analyze the outlook for the wire and cable industry in these parts of the world

Richard Mack, Principal Consultant at the CRU Group, tells in an interview what cable manufacturers can do to cope with challenges, while Prof. Izyaslav B. Peshkov, President of International Association "Intercable", emphasizes that there is reason to believe that the "bottom" of the 2014-2015 crisis of the cable industry in Russia and its neighbour countries has been passed and an increase in production volumes is beginning.

Two companies which rely on Niehoff technology and know how are introduced: Venine Cable from Thailand and Condumax from Brazil, both manufacturers of cables made from copper wire or aluminum wire and foreseen for a wide variety of applications.

In the news section the executives of the new subsidiary NIEHOFF Stranding Technology (NST) are introduced and some impressions are given from the CRU conference trip to the Niehoff headquarters in Schwabach.

Biannually the NIEHOFF Magazine informs its readers about company news and developments, trade shows and events and other interesting topics. The magazine, published in English and German with summaries in Chinese and Russian, can be obtained from the Niehoff headquarters in Germany or all Niehoff subsidiaries and service offices worldwide. It is also available at the Niehoff website:

Maschinenfabrik Niehoff GmbH & Co KG, Germany
Tel: + 49 91 22977 0

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