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Cable Tapes UK at wire 2018, Düsseldorf

Cable Tapes UK will be exhibiting at wire 2018, Düsseldorf
Cable Tapes UK will be exhibiting at wire 2018, Düsseldorf

Cable Tapes UK market leaders of Cable Tapes look forward to enlightening the trade's elite as to why their products are best!

Cable Tapes UK Ltd, market leading supplier of mica tapes to the cable industry are proud to have the largest and most modern installed sub-contract taping capacity in the UK and firmly believe that this is one of the many reasons that they continue to lead the market with their products.

Cable Tapes UK know that WIRE 2018 is the place to be - as a major player in worldwide cable tape industry they are looking forward to meeting old and new global business partners over the five days.

Visitors can look forward to experiencing Cable Tapes UK's proficiency speaking to their innovative team and witnessing first hand why they are market leaders and challenge outdated ways of doing business. They are looking forward to making valuable contacts and finding new business partners as well as welcoming back esteemed existing customers.

Cable Tapes UK offer an impressive range of fire performance tapes: Phlogopite Mica Tapes offer exceptional flame resistance and heat insulating properties together with good flexibility and high tensile strength. Muscovite Mica Tapes not only increase fire survival time, their high flexibility means they are easy to apply at high speed and narrow width; Polymide Tape provides high performance over a wide temperature range with excellent electrical, chemical and mechanical properties; Silicone Elastomer Tapes and High Temperature Woven Glass Tapes offer an additional protective heat barrier maintaining cable circuit integrity.

Cable Tapes UK Metal Tapes, Metallised Laminates and Copolymer Tapes offer a comprehensive range of high quality copper and aluminum based laminates providing protection, insulation and shielding. Various film backings are available.

Cable Tapes UK Polypropylene Films can be used for cable identification or as division film and as a bedding layer, preventing damage caused by cable armouring. Polyester Film provides electrical insulation which ensures reliable wrapping of electrical cables and wires.

Cable Tapes UK Water Blocking Tapes and Yarns provide a reliable range of non-conductive and semi conductive water blocking tapes and yarns including water blocking tapes for marine applications.

Dependable solutions for specific environments. Non-woven polyester tapes are also available.

Cable Tapes UK Woven Tapes cover a varied choice of woven e-glass, woven s-glass and woven polyester. Flame and rodent resistant, easily applied at high speeds and flexible with high tensile strength.

Cable tapes UK now has the largest and most modern installed sub-contract taping capacity in the UK with over 1 million metres per week capacity and continues to lead the market with their products.

"We are excited about attending WIRE 2018 and providing our trade partners and customers with robust information direct from our highly trained team, also giving investors and press alike the opportunity to better understand the Cable Tapes UK growing portfolio of products and services", said Martin Van der Zwan.

"We believe that our stand at WIRE 2018 will allow our visitors to have a very informative experience as we continue to grow and increase our market presence."

And it's not just the tapes - go to www.cabletapesuk.com for the full range of yarns to meet every requirement, whether ripcord yarn for cable (in high strength polyester, aramid and E-glass) or high tensile strength and heat resistant polyester yarn. They can even supply ID Tapes to complete all your requirements.

Cable Tapes UK Ltd is a home-grown success story, with their company going from strength to strength. Their state of the art website reflects their modern approach to business, designed as it is with its innovative look. Here you can see their 9 specifically designed high capacity taping machines and be impressed with their rapid, high quality slitting service courtesy of their dedicated slitting machine which can razor, and shear cut a variety of materials, and their spooling capability which includes spooling their tapes into longer length Traverse wound spools.

Cable Tapes UK takes great pride in its personal service and attention to detail, repeatedly being commended by its customers for this very service. Their reputation is everything and they provide a first-class experience to each and every customer. Their clients' needs are paramount, and they will always strive to provide a complete service providing the best products for their customers.

Cable Tapes UK Ltd, your single source for all cable lapping tapes and twines.

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Cable Tapes UK
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Cable Tapes UK at wire 2018, Düsseldorf
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Cable Tapes UK at wire 2018, Düsseldorf
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