Digitized wire & cable manufacturing - The "NIEHOFF Magazine" 1/2018 is out now

PUBLISHED: 12 Apr 18

The cover page of
The cover page of "NIEHOFF Magazine" 1/2018

The latest issue of the "NIEHOFF Magazine", customer magazine of the Niehoff Group, is available now. The magazine was published in relation to the wire 2018 trade fair in Düsseldorf and describes the Niehoff exhibits along with their technical data:

A multiwire drawing line type MMH 121 + RM 161, a D 632 type double twist bunching machine, an NPS double spooler type SV 402 D, and a rotary braiding machine BMV 16.

Niehoff will also present its digitization concept realized by a new application called Niehoff Digital Assistant+ 4.0, which enables process monitoring of modern Niehoff machinery, machines condition monitoring, spare parts identification, and troubleshooting support.

There is the completely new MMH 112 type multiwire drawing line, which embodies a new machine generation of multiwire drawing lines. Niehoff will demonstrate its function in the form of video sequences recorded during the industrial testing at different customers.

The market report titled "Good perspectives for the cable industry" explains reasons, which justify the expectation that the order books of cable makers will continue to be filled.

Another article concerning Niehoff's activities in the field of technology deals with the development of additional double twist stranding machines for the manufacture of compacted conductors for energy cables. There are also articles about the reconditioning of used Niehoff machines and upgrading components developed by Niehoff, which help increase the productivity and efficiency levels of Niehoff machinery.

One of the numerous companies, which rely on Niehoff technology, is also introduced in this magazine: The Coroplast Fritz Müller GmbH & Co. KG, Wuppertal, one of the leading manufacturers of adhesive tapes, cables and wire harnesses.

Biannually the NIEHOFF Magazine informs its readers about company news and developments, trade shows and events and other interesting topics. The magazine, published in English and German with some of the articles and summaries in Chinese and Russian, is available at the Niehoff headquarters in Germany, all Niehoff subsidiaries and service offices worldwide, and also on the Niehoff website: www.niehoff.de.

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Digitized wire & cable manufacturing - The "NIEHOFF Magazine" 1/2018 is out now
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