Universal solution for building wire production

PUBLISHED: 26 Apr 18

Universal RX12 double use extrusion crosshead
Universal RX12 double use extrusion crosshead

Two in one with crosshead RX12 double use for XLPE up to LSOH by covering many typical thermoplast materials as well as high filled halogen free materials.

Our universal RX12 double use extrusion crosshead serves two needs in one crosshead. Not only will you save money by buying two crossheads for your purposes, but you will also be able to process very different materials on one solution, like high filled LSOH to low density cross linkable materials such as XLPE.

Additionally, the crosshead is ready to run many typical materials for insulation like PVC, PE, PP, TPE on the RX12 double use crosshead with the best ideal material feed.

This will be achieved by two independent melt flow sections with this crosshead. Each melt flow includes an individual set of adapter and distributor for required material. The crosshead is ready for use after a change-over time of less than 10 minutes.

Material parameters of total range:

High filled/ high density material
e.g. LSOH (used for building wire), XL-SF, HFFR, high filled PVC, etc.
170/180 °C

low density materials
e.g. XLPE, PVC, PE, PP, TPE, etc.
230 °C

Your benefits:

  • High product flexibility
  • Only one trolley, one body
  • Turnable within 10 minutes
  • Process of very contrary materials on one crosshead
  • Temperature and pressure are illustrated via RIO line control

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