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Company Matches for: Phosphating 1946

Premium Members:
Western Europe: 5
» FIB Belgium SA, Belgium :: Heat treatment lines for the steel wire industry,
» DRT Impianti Srl, Italy :: Automatic pickling plants for wire rods
» CANDOR Sweden AB, Sweden :: Wire cleaning & plating plants
» Chemetall Limited, UK :: Surface treatment, pickling, compounds, chemicals
» Vapormatt Ltd, UK :: Surface cleaning, peening and finishing machines
Eastern Europe: 1
» CSM Metalurji Imalat Sanayi ve Mühendislik Ltd, Turkey :: Complete solutions for wire galvanizing lines
USA & Canada: 3
» ICE Wire Line Equipment Inc, Canada :: Furnaces, heat treating equipment
» QED Wire Lines Inc, Canada :: Heat-treating, cleaning and coating of steel wire
» Heatbath Corporation, USA :: Finishing & heat treatment