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» AlphaGary Corporation, USA :: Fluoropolymer compounds
» B&B Compounds Srl, Italy :: PVC soft compounds
» Crystal Rubber Ltd, UK :: Silicone extrusions & rubber sheeting, PVC
» DSM Engineering Plastics, Netherlands :: Halogen-free plastics solutions
» Gem International UK Ltd, UK :: Copper wire, rod, PVC compound, PVC resin
» Huntstar Trading Ltd, UK :: Suppliers and manufacturing agent
» Jiangsu Delta Plastic & Chemical Co Ltd, China (PR) :: PVC compounds
» Link Middle East Ltd, United Arab Emirates :: Fencing wire, barbed wire
» Polycom Associates, India :: Insulating materials, compounds
» PolyOne Global , Belgium :: Compounds, additives
» Sartomer USA, LLC, USA :: Compounds, additives
» Sparkem Pigments, India :: Pigments, colourants
» Sylvin Technologies, USA :: PVC compounds
» Takkar Industries, India :: Compounds, master batches
» Teknor Apex, USA :: Compounds, additives, colourants
» U Gear Group, Taiwan :: Wire & cable machinery
» Vikas Global One Ltd, India :: PVC Compounds


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